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Asking them to identify people or places in old photos, for example, can be a catalyst for stories and leads. Start by asking questions about your parents, grandparents, and, if possible, great-grandparents and beyond that will reveal foundational knowledge.

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Basic information to ask about includes full names and names of siblings, birthplaces and birthdates, locations or even addresses of family homes, nationality and ethnic background, occupations, education, military service, and where relatives are buried. If a relative appears hesitant or outright refuses to share specifics about a certain event or person, move on to another topic.

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By speaking with multiple relatives and following up with your own research, often you can fill in the blanks without upsetting or alienating anyone. New resources, services, and options are added regularly on popular genealogy sites including FamilySearch.

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Browse the FamilySearch catalog of genealogical materials including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and publications , and request a free loan to the closest Family History Center typically at a public library where you can view the items in person. Geno 2. Although not primarily a genealogy testing service, participants will discover the migration paths their ancient ancestors followed thousands of years ago and will learn the details of their ancestral roots—their branch on the family tree.

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Tests can reveal family paternity and maternity secrets kept hidden by your ancestors or immediate family members. For instance, Smolenyak, who is half Irish, half eastern European, says that while inquiries like this are common with ancestors from Ireland, roots research remains somewhat of a novelty in much of the world.

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For most people, including celebrities, cautions Szucs, the ancestors discovered and the lives they led will be more mundane. Each record we find represents something seemingly insignificant, but sometimes these events were life-changing experiences for our ancestors and therefore for us.

In many ways, traveling to the place where your ancestors came from will be the reward for all of your hard work. This is your own personal history mystery. Read Caption. By National Geographic Staff. Fernando, aside from being a distant relative of ours, documented many details of the Ten Years War. His documents were donatd to the library at the University of Miami and can be viewed by means of the following link: Fernandez Cavada Collection.

We have completly updated our military data bases to eliminate the dependence on a Java applet which had become incompatible with some web browsers. The new data bases are "real" MySQL data bases similar to our passenger data base. We hope you find them useful and easier to use. Here are some links that have come to our attention that may be of interest:.

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Most have lists of their holdings but very little, if any, of the data is digitized or available on the web you need to get someone in Cuba to visit the Archive in person. Here are some of the relevant links:. This important resource was brought to our attention by Jorge A. Thanks Jorge! You can now easily follow what's happening at CubaGenWeb on Twitter - just follow user cubagenweb or click to reach our Twitter Blog. Our project to transcribe the 69, names of the veterans of the Cuban War of Independence was completed in This project, honoring the memory of those who fought to liberate Cuba from the colonial yoke of Spain, was made possible by the effort of 34 volunteers, working for nearly 3 years and provides a unique resource for those researching their Cuban Genealogy please note that this database canot be searched using the Google search engine.

We have also completed the transcriptions of the death notices of the soldiers that died during that war. These transcriptions provide a unique insight into the personal story of many who fought and died in the war.

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  7. The original Roloff book has now been digitaized by the University of Florida Digital Collections and is available here. We have generated a list of links to digitized books of interest to Cuban Genealogy. These books are available on-line for free download. Please continue letting us know of any others that you discover so we can all mutually benefit from these resources.

    In this new version, still in the pilot stage, you can not only do the same searches as in the traditional version but, in addition, you can see an image of the original document by clicking on the small image that appears at the upper right.

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    Eventually this service will completely replace the need for consulting microfilms. Many documents from various Spain Archives have been and are still being digitized and placed on the web. The web site interface has recently been updated and is now much easier to use and you no longer have to register. You can search all the archives by any desired text including personal names , and limit your search to a certain date range.

    You will then get a listing of all the archives having documents that match your seach criteria. Clicking on the name of an archive will bring up a list of the relevant documents in that archive, Many of these documents will show a small camera icon. Clicking on a camera icon will bring up small images of all the pages of the original document.

    The following old Cuban Telephone Directories have been digitized and are available on-line:. With permission of the publisher, a Cumulative Index and all 57 issues of the Revista of the Cuban Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City have been digitized and are available here for download. Click on the above headline to reach this resource. NOTE that this search box does not search our passenger or Mambi soldiers databases, which are beyond the reach of Google.

    To search these databases you must use the search forms provided for the database. Find out these and other facts, such as which are our most popular pages by clicking on the above link. You can easily increase the font size of the text in our pages to improve readability by using the menu on your browser as follows:. You can visit our archive pages and review previous news headlines by clicking on the above link.