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      County Clerk Index. Delayed Registration of Birth- Vol. Eaton Co. Foreign Death index , microfilm, county clerk's index Film Marriage returns , microfilm, county clerk's index Film Marriage returns , typed manuscript Typed by Bob Haigh White notebook. VF -vault 1. Potterville Birth Certificates, Closed to public.

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      VF restricted. Included are records that fall outside of the birth, marriage and death records listed in the categories above. The latter is especially of value for Canadians because those records have been released up to , as opposed to Canadian Census records, that can only be released after 92 years.

      However, the voters lists information is limited, containing only names, addresses and occupations. Also, a major deficiency exists with the index to these records, namely that it was computer-generated using optical character recognition OCR. Consequently, many entries in the records have been missed or contain errors related to bad character recognition.

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      Walters, Corona W. And Margaret P. In some cases these letters and postcards contain important genealogical information such as names and birthdates of family members. But for the most part, they provide a window into the everyday lives of our ancestors and the challenges they faced. Some of the examples include the early letters from Rev.

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      John Bower to his brother William, detailing the delays and loss of correspondence and items being shipped from Scotland to Canada. Some of the more important details and facts have been included in the detailed information for the related individual. Transcriptions of many of the lengthy hand-written letters are included below. Bower — Bower, William J. Ira Bower — and with transcription Fennell, Annie Bower — Postcard to Effie Bower — Van Allen, Catherine Bower — Letter from niece — Whittaker, Hardy and Huldah — Letter to Ira and Bessie Bower — Land Records Most of these records have been obtained through various online sources of land grants, business directories and information from historical maps. To date, a search through land registry office records has not been undertaken. At the time of writing of this book, they had completed up to surnames beginning with H.