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Kilo Panties. Chili Moms. Free Kilo Porn. It was the Friday before Good Friday in and my mom had to be at the church at pm to rehearse the upcoming play the next week. As a result, she had dressed me in one of my church dresses, yellow, which included a petticoat.

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She placed my recently cut hair into short pigtails with a yellow bow on each one. I also had on my new shiny black Mary Jane shoes with white ankle socks. When I got to school, some of the kids kept teasing me because of my church attire. I kept explaining to them why I had it on but, as one probably remembers, some kids are assholes. It was just after lunch and I remember the great care I took to avoid get any of the goulash on me since it would really show on the yellow fabric.

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As my luck would have it, Mrs Hutton, a second grade teacher, was just a few feet behind me and heard what I said. As I approached her, she grabbed my left hand and took me straight to the office. As we went inside, I saw Mr Anderson talking to a secretary and, as he looked up, Mrs Hutton waved him over to her.

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Thank you, Mrs Hutton. The waiting area, as mentioned in a previous account, was a small room that was between the school main office area and his private office. I went in there and waited for his arrival. I remember the feeling of both fear and excitement as to what I knew was coming my way. After about 5 minutes, he walked in the waiting area and said to follow him as we went inside his office. He closed the door and then sat on the corner of his desk with one leg hanging off, looked at me intensely and asked for my version of what happened. But responding to teasing with vulgar language is not ever, ever, ever acceptable here at school or anywhere. Then he took a metal framed wood chair that was sitting in front of his desk and placed in front of the 6ft tall mirror that was in the middle of the wall to the right of his desk.