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And last announcement before we get to the episode. We chat about why she creates content and how it has impacted her business, how she creates so much content and manages so many different channels—we cover a lot. Another episode that would pair nicely with this one, is my interview with Lauren Carnes, so be sure to check out that episode as well.

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In this episode, Tim shares how Ramsey Solutions have built trusted brands for over 25 years. We chat about the importance of messaging in marketing, challenges Ramsey Solutions faces when it comes to marketing and the way that they create unity among a large arsenal of brands and products. Your audience may be scattered throughout different social media channels, using one or two more heavily than the rest. But most probably have an email address they check at least once per week if not more frequently.

The people on your list—if setup correctly—have opted-in to receive your emails. They want to consume the content you're creating. This is a stark contrast to social media marketing, where one is constantly battling algorithm updates in an effort to interrupt someone's scroll. But having a presence on social media is important! And because people generally opt-in to a mailing list to receive an offer or to learn more about a topic, they're often pre-qualified. This is one reason why email marketing is usually one of the highest converting channels. There are so many possibilities when it comes to starting a mailing list.

And if you have an online store, email lists are a great way to send educational content and keep people informed of recently added products. Want to grow your wedding business to 25 events a year? What about 50? What about ? Today I am chatting with Jake and Ryan, the founders of Freedom Edits, the outsourcing solution for photographers and videographers who want their lives back. But before they started Freedom, they were photographers who grew their wedding photography business to about weddings a year. So, of course, I wanted to know how they were able to grow their business to that volume.

As you can imagine, a lot of it had to do with hiring and outsourcing. Instead a variety of factors—many of which we are not conscious of—impact our purchasing decisions. And at least a hot few of those factors have to do with pricing, such as how we assign or perceive value, and how services and prices are presented to us. An effective offer is easy-to-understand, demonstrates clear value, educates and overcomes objections. Erin and Jeff are based out of Southern California, but they have shot across the US and around the world.

They also manage two other photography brands that photograph weddings, portraits, and commercial work. The official bio: Jeff and Erin Youngren are the husband and wife wedding photography team known as The Youngrens. For over a decade, their deeply emotional style has led them across the U. As the owners of three businesses with a regular team of ten photographers plus a full-time staff of editors, designers, and studio managers, Jeff and Erin have developed highly effective business models and marketing systems to accommodate the needs of each brand.

We chat about why page load speed matters—hint: a fast website can help improve conversion rates—how you can test your website, what you should look for when running a test, and then 5 ways you can increase your website speed. A quick warning: We chat about a lot in this episode. Becca helps parents get sleep through teaching them how to train their babies how to sleep through the night. While we do find some time to chat about some sleep training tips and Krista and my current struggle in moving Jack from 2 naps to 1 nap , we spend much of the episode learning how she built her business, and we chat about how she moved from service model to a 1:many online course model.


Today we are chatting with photographer and entrepreneur Melissa Jill. Melissa, impressively runs 3 different businesses with 5 income streams. Much of what we talk about today is how she was able to build and manage all these different businesses through outsourcing and hiring a team. Melissa Jill is an internationally recognized Phoenix-based wedding photographer who has been shooting weddings for 16 years.

She photographs high-end weddings a year and also has 4 associate photographers who shoot weddings under her brand at lower price points. Over the years, she has developed an extensive database of free information for photographers on her blog. She also mentors photographers one-on-one. She started an album design company called Align Album Design years ago that helps photographers world-wide streamline their album workflow and increase their profit.

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She is passionate about business, has worked hard to maximize the efficiency and profitability of her studio, and loves helping other photographers do the same. There are a number of practical takeaways in this episode for any business who is looking to pivot or further specialize in whatever they do. Their work has appeared on billboards, storefront signs and magazine spreads across the country.

Today we are chatting with Shunta Grant, the founder of Because of Zoe, a company that makes handcrafted bow ties and headbands. Shunta also coaches other businesses on how to find their focus using her Peace, Pace, Progress program. If you want to build a business and life on the other side of busy, join Shunta at shuntagrant. Episode Dealing with Difficult Clients. Once in a while we work with difficult clients. It happens—even after years of being in business and developing different ways to screen prospective clients. Access the show notes at Read the full post: Part 1 Part 2. Tayler is the Co-Founder of Sourced Co. As wedding industry marketing consultant, she works with wedding professionals to help them develop the skills, strategies, and stuff they need to market their businesses and build their brands.

How do you like our fresh look? Things that most people might never see or understand unless they were told. This post is meant to provide some insight into those things. Episode Crafting a Services Page that Sells. Neuroscience shows that buying is primarily an emotional decision. But we see so many websites that focus almost exclusively on the rational reasons that one might purchase their products or services.

Frequently we see services pages that resemble a menu. The whole page is usually succinct, and contains the price of the service with description of the deliverables, or the exact items that are included in that service. That information is, of course, important on some level, but we often overestimate how important that information is in the purchasing decision.

Sarah has taken her experience working for Nigel Barker, InStyle, and the Knot Magazine to helping creatives visually market their business. Sarah Kay Love is a Creative Consultant, specializing in content production and visual marketing, devoted to helping companies build brands that differentiate themselves and increase business. She also spearheaded the real wedding and styled shoot submission process for the national and regional magazines. Sarah is now combining her unique skill set and sharing her knowledge with wedding photographers and professionals to help them properly produce, curate and pitch content so they can get noticed, drive revenue and stand out in a saturated market.

Episode 5 Tips for Finding Inquiries Today. And that can be scary. Fortunately, there are a number of practical strategies people can employ to get things back on track.


We highly recommend keeping at least a simple spreadsheet of the inquiries you receive that tracks where that inquiry came from and whether or not it turns into a booking. You can access a free inquiry tracker at the end of this blog post. Keeping track of inquiries will help you better understand the seasonality and patterns in your business. And she also shares a few tips for getting published. We walk through her entire client experience and chat about things like the tools she uses and gifts she gives.

Cheyenne Schultz is a wife, mama to four, professional photographer and photography business educator and coach living in Charlotte, North Carolina. With more than a decade of business experience, Cheyenne genuinely loves helping creative entrepreneurs achieve the goals they have set for themselves and teaching them what she has learned about how to sustain long-term as a business, turning clients into raving fans and standing out in a saturated market.

She believes in dog rescue, homemade lattes, good chocolate, blankets and loving her family well. Jess and I chat about moving beyond a client profile and actually writing copy designed to convert visitors into clients. I appreciate the practical questions that Jessica outlines in this episode to help people think through the their copywriting.

Jess Jordana is a copywriter a.

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She builds her tribe through the motto: "We don't do shallow friendships"; and she wouldn't survive a day in business without her cute husband Presley and pup Joey Tribbiani. You can follow her adventures on Instagram jessjordana. Episode Shay Cochrane - Productizing a Service.

Shay and I are chatting about how she stopped trading her hours for money, and turned a service-based business into a product based business. Before SC Stockshop, Shay was doing brand and product photography for creatives businesses—until a remark from one of her clients led to an idea that eventually turned into the SC Stockshop. Shay shares a lot of great business wisdom as she walks us through founding SC Stockshop and Social Squares.

Lauren helps creative and lifestyle brands bridge the gap between imagery and copywriting. And her marketing, PR, and social media background includes experience working alongside some major brands. Today she is sharing the recipe for a successful pitch. We chat about what exactly that means, and everything from setting yourself up for success through tips for the actual pitch itself. With a background in public relations and social media marketing, Lauren has always been a lover of telling great stories.

For 6 years she worked alongside international brands including Nike, Airstream, the John Maxwell Company, and Chick-fil-A in defining unique elements of their stories and serving as their brand voice through digital, print, and in-person engagements. In , she made the leap to launching Lauren Carnes Photography serving couples, creatives, and foodies through wedding, branding, and food photography. When she's not in the office, she can be found cooking, hosting friends, or exploring new cities with her husband, Chip, son, Oliver, and their fur-baby, Sophie.

And she has a client roster featuring some names that you probably recognize. Head on over to the hybrid co dot com to check out the speaker line-up, styled shoots, breakout sessions, and master classes. We walk through steps that Charity took in rebranding her business and entering that luxury level market focusing on everything from finding new networking groups to changing up the copy and imagery she was sharing on social media to making big pricing increases.

Cat was kind enough to let me also air this episode here.

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Afterwards be sure to check out Mistakes Make Magic. In addition to that we talk about how to engage an audience with Instagram stories. The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for further consideration in light of Moore v. Texas , U. The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in light of the position asserted by the Solicitor General in his memorandum for the United States filed on June 30, The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the Court of Appeals of Arkansas for further consideration in light of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Superior Court of Cal. OF VA The motion for leave to proceed as a veteran is denied. TEXAS The motion for leave to file a petition for a writ of certiorari with the supplemental appendix under seal is granted. The motions to direct the Clerk to file petitions for writs of certiorari out of time are denied. The motion for leave to file a petition for a writ of certiorari under seal with redacted copies for the public record is granted. The Solicitor General is invited to file briefs in these cases expressing the views of the United States.

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The motion of Foundation for Moral Law for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted. The Solicitor General is invited to file a brief in this case expressing the views of the United States. The motions of petitioners for reconsideration of orders denying leave to proceed in forma pauperis are denied. Justice Alito took no part in the consideration or decision of this motion. Petitioner is allowed until October 23, , within which to pay the docketing fee required by Rule 38 a and to submit a petition in compliance with Rule The motion of petitioner for leave to proceed in forma pauperis is denied.

Justice Gorsuch took no part in the consideration or decision of this motion. The motions of petitioners for leave to proceed in forma pauperis are denied. Petitioners are allowed until October 23, , within which to pay the docketing fees required by Rule 38 a and to submit petitions in compliance with Rule Because the Court lacks a quorum, 28 U. BANK, N. IA BD. MARK V. OF ENV. MN COM. The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied. Justice Alito and Justice Gorsuch took no part in the consideration or decision of this petition.

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Justice Breyer took no part in the consideration or decision of this petition. The petitions for writs of certiorari are denied. Justice Gorsuch took no part in the consideration or decision of these petitions. The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.

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