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Riding in towed vehicles: RCW Safety chains for towing: RCW Site Contents Selected content listed in alphabetical order under each group. Registration required — Penalty.

Registration or insurance required — Penalty. Application — Contents, bond, insurance, fee, certificate.

AG - Towing: Know How to Get Your Vehicle Back and Challenge Unauthorized and Unreasonable Fees

Prohibited acts — Penalty. Compensation for private impounds. Permit required — Inspections of equipment and facilities. Classification of trucks — Marking requirements — Time and place of inspection — Penalty.

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Business location — Requirements. Fees, schedules, contracts, invoices. License plate indicator tabs — Transporter business — Hulk hauler, scrap processor business — Wrecker business — Fees — Tab requirements. Posting requirements — Exception.

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Law enforcement impound — Required form, procedures. You will need the following documentation: Your title or registration to prove ownership.

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If this is inside the stored vehicle, you will be allowed to retrieve it. If a person other than the registered owner is retrieving the vehicle, that person will need the following documentation. An official government photo ID.

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A written and signed statement from the registered owner granting permission for the named individual to retrieve the vehicle. A valid Driver License. Payment by one of the excepted methods of payment. Working on your vehicle at the tow lot is strictly prohibited. What do I do if my car has a 30 day hold attached to it?

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Do NOT contact the contract tow company. If you receive a vehicle release form from the Post Storage Hearing Officer: Contact the tow company to determine which lot they have stored your vehicle. What do I do if the contract tow company has damaged my vehicle?

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Pay all required fees, obtain a detailed receipt, and retrieve your vehicle to eliminate any additional fees. Take photos of the vehicle and damage immediately. Document the date, time, and names of all company representatives you speak with. Contact a tow company supervisor and discuss resolutions. Document any actions taken by the tow company.

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What do I do if the contract tow company is overcharging me? Check the fee schedule to verify charges.

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Goings, Director. Find a Towed Car To locate a towed car, first determine whether it was towed from a public street or from private property. Towed from a public street If your car was towed from a Seattle street, call Lincoln Towing at Towed from private property If your car was towed from a private parking lot: Find the posted signs showing the tow company phone number. Call the towing company that regulates the lot. How much will it cost?

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