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For overseas clients, you may need to check with the person you are presenting the certificate to whether they need any additional validation on overseas documents.

Roland Martin on CNN: Birthers, Army Doc Want Proof of Pres. Obama's Birth Certificate

Note 2: Please be aware that any certificate issued after will only be available from the British Embassy in the country you were born. We may still be able to obtain the certificate for you from a local registry office, but be advised that this is likely to take longer than the stated timespan. Note 3: Stated delivery times are in addition to the time taken to complete the service chosen.

Note 4: If you are applying for a British Passport, but were born overseas as a British Citizen, you may be required to obtain a full birth certificate from your country of birth along with a translation into English. This is not covered by this service and we advise that you contact the Passport Office to clarify this before ordering.

This section is designed to answer questions you may have when completing the form above. For births since , we will require the full name on the birth certificate including any middle names.

Some children of troops and government employees abroad won't automatically be U.S. citizens

The full date of birth is required for all births since For births before this, only the year is required. We will search 2 years either side of the date supplied to locate the correct record. This field is required for births since If the father was not listed on the certificate, please enter "Not Named" in the form above.

The name should be entered as the mother was known at the time of the birth.

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The maiden surname is the name the mother was known as when she was born. Although this is not required for births before , the information is often used as a checking point to ensure that the correct certificate is produced. You may need to bring several copies of each document — some embassies publish checklists to help you gather the appropriate documents.

Gather your application, citizenship documents, a photograph of your child that meets U.

Citizenship for Children Born to Servicemembers Overseas | Stateside Legal

Schedule an appointment at the embassy. Some embassies allow online scheduling. Both parents should bring their application and documents to the appointment. If one parent is not able to attend, he or she must submit a notarized statement of consent to the application. If the consul is satisfied that the child is entitled to U.

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You can use it instead of a military birth certificate when applying for a passport, enrolling your child in school, and for other legal identification purposes. Virgin Islands, Guam and Swains Island, he or she is not considered to have been born abroad. Her work has appeared on numerous legal blogs including Quittance, Upcounsel and Medical Negligence Experts.

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